Our Team

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Our Founder

Marcel Seyss

Having grown up in Germany, Marcel Seyss, President and Founder of Hausmeister, is particular about providing high-quality products and services. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the industry with a degree in energy management and various certificates in project management, lighting, and energy audits (to name a few), along with over 30 years of experience in the building industry. 


As a parent of five children, and grandparent to three, Marcel understands the importance of ensuring your crawlspace and attics are properly maintained to protect your home from unwelcomed pests, moisture, mold, and excessive energy bills in order to provide a healthy and safe home environment for yourself and your loved ones. 


Aside from his family, knowing how many people he has helped to have a healthier lifestyle through proper attic and crawlspace maintenance brings him the greatest joy.  

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Amy Seyss

Operations & Family Support Specialist

Amy Seyss, spouse of Marcel, is a versatile team member with a background in adult education and children's ministry. Her experience includes running a children's program for over five years and homeschooling her children and grandchildren. Amy's passion lies in teaching and nurturing young minds, with a special focus on early reading skills. She values the importance of instilling confidence and a sense of accomplishment in children. Amy is currently assisting in the company, providing backup support and stepping in when needed. Her role extends beyond the office, as she plays a vital role in supporting the family and enabling the growth of the business.

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Luke Seyss

Vice President, Home Services Consultant

Luke Seyss is the co-founder of Hausmeister Home Services, along with his father, Marcel. He was inspired to work in the construction and home services industry with the encouragement of his father and has gained valuable hands-on experience by taking on former positions within other companies and extensive training from his father. He is passionate about helping people live healthier lives in their homes and takes pride in watching Hausmeister grow. In his free time, Luke enjoys martial arts and building cars. He is the second-born of five children and a dedicated single parent to two of his own.

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Lisa Conley

Office Manager

Lisa Conley brings over 25 years of experience in the construction industry to Hausmeister Home Services. Having learned bookkeeping at a young age through her family’s business, she has gained a deep passion for bookkeeping. She is fascinated by construction and takes pleasure in educating people about their homes and how they function, and she takes pride in being part of a project from its inception and watching it flourish. Outside of work, her life revolves around family, friends, and travel. Between Lisa and her partner, Dave, they have four children and two grandbabies.

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Fernando Hinojo

Project Supervisor

Fernando Hinojo is a dedicated professional with a passion for the attic and crawlspace industry. With over nine years of experience, he has honed his skills through hands-on work with various companies and self-study. For the past four years, Fernando has been an integral part of the Hausmeister team, where he finds fulfillment and success in his work. He takes pride in all aspects of his job, from the technical challenges to the satisfaction of a job well done. In his spare time, Fernando enjoys playing chess and soccer, reflecting his strategic thinking and active lifestyle.